Buying Tips

We can help with your property purchases no matter what you are looking for. Points to remember when considering buying:

We have a number of tools available to assist you in finding your new home. We are an agency interested in you as a buyer and therefore to ensure we introduce you suitable properties we spend time qualifying your needs and wants.

  • Our properties are listed on the internet, in our office window display and we also have a property booklet available at the office.
    Our sales consultants can be contacted 7 days a week. Should you wish to inspect any of our properties for sale contact our agency and one of our friendly sales consultants will be happy to organise an appointment for you.
    Please note that should you wish to inspect a property that is tenanted, we must provide the tenants with 24 hours notice. We do not disturb tenants on Sundays or public holidays.
  • We have access to property information that may prove to be useful in search for your new home. Feel free to ask for assistance at any time.
    If you are considering purchasing an investment property our enthusiastic Property Management department are happy to inspect the property and advise you of what rental return you are likely to receive and how to best market the property to prospective tenants.
  • Considering making an offer? Please don’t ask us “what will they take?” All of our listings are marketed with a listed price or suggested price range that has been approved by the seller. The seller has appointed us to sell their property and while we will assist you in any way possible we can only recommend that you make your best offer.
  • Keep in mind that when making your offer the seller also considers other parts of the contract, eg. Settlement date, conditions and deposit amount.
    If your offer is accepted and the contract is fully signed by all parties you must remember to have insurance cover note issued for the property effective from 5pm the next working day. The properties risk passes onto you from this time.
    Should you have to organise Building and Pest Inspections on the property ensure you arrange this within the first week and have them contact us to arrange access to the property.
  • Sellers are not always open to further inspections for friends and relatives as once they have a contract on their property they can relax a little and not have to keep the place in display home presentation every moment of the day as this can become quite stressful. You will have plenty of time to show everyone through once you are the new owner.